July 30, 2014

Presidential Search Speeded Up
Because of Chancellor Search

President Robert Easter and Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares meet with faculty.
SELECTION OF a new University President has sped up, with hopes that President Robert Easter’s successor will be chosen before Thanksgiving. The administration wants the next President to participate in the search for a new UIC Chancellor to succeed Dr. Paula Allen-Meares, who plans on leaving her post in January of 2015.

UNIVERSITY TRUSTEE Pam Strobel, who co-chairs the University of Illinois Presidential Search Committee, told the News-Gazette of Springfield, IL, on July 12 that the University Board of Trustees decided the President’s search should be “on a parallel path” so the President can be involved with picking the Chancellor.

URBANA PHYSICS Professor Doug Beck is the other Co-Chair. Kostas Yfantis, Manager of Teaching and Learning Services with Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services at the Urbana campus, is the Academic Professional on the committee.

THE NEWS-GAZETTE article also reported that President Easter said that the growth of UIC will be a major factor for the next President, and he mentioned a possible move to make UIC a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities.

THE PRESIDENTIAL search committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, Aug. 20, and Wednesday, Sept. 17.

THE PRESIDENTIAL search informational website is at http://www.bot.uillinois.edu/presidentialsearch. It provides links to the position announcement, information on job duties and qualifications, background on the 19-member search committee, news releases and media coverage, the committee’s meeting schedule, and more.

MRINALINI RAO, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics and former Vice President for Academic Affairs, chairs the UIC Chancellor’s Search Committee.

STEPHANIE WHITAKER, Research Program Coordinator in the Department of Political Science of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the Academic Professional on the Chancellor’s Search Committee.

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