July 30, 2014

AP Leaders from Three Campuses
Meet with President Easter

Standing, left to right: Colleen Piersen (Chicago APAC Treasurer), Marilyn Marshall (Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs), Michael Moss (Chicago APAC Chair), Melissa Madsen (UIUC AP representative), Mary Berta (Chicago APAC Secretary), Todd Spinner (UIUC AP representative), Teresa Szabo (UIS APAC), Laura Alexander (UIS Sr. Director Human Resources), and Katie Ross (UA Director, Human Resources Administration). Seated, left to right: Elyne Cole (Associate Provost for Human Resources), UI President Robert Easter, Ahlam Al-Kodmany (Chicago APAC Vice-Chair), and Maureen Parks (UA Executive Director & Associate Vice President for Human Resources).
LEADERS OF the Chicago, Urbana, and Springfield Academic Professional advisory committees met with President Robert Easter in his home in Urbana on July 10. Topics included Job Analysis and the conversion of Academic Professional staff to Civil Service positions; compensation, benefits, and the UIC budget; as well as Easter’s thoughts on the next UI President. Representing Chicago were APAC Chair Michael Moss, APAC Vice-Chair Ahlam Al-Kodmany, APAC Secretary Mary Berta, and APAC Treasurer Colleen Piersen. 

BERTA COMMENTED, “It was great to meet colleagues from Urbana and Springfield in person and to discuss our shared concerns. President Easter provided an overview of the large machinery that UI really is and it gave me a better perspective on how complex an operation University of Illinois really is.” Al-Kodmany added, “Meeting with our UPPAC [University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee] colleagues from Urbana and Springfield is an annual highpoint.”

CHICAGO REPRESENTATIVES shared a number of concerns related to Job Analysis—the delayed timeline, lengthy gaps in communication for those undergoing the process, and concerns related to unintended consequences for APs who have not yet undergone Job Analysis. They also commented that these concerns are likely to be exacerbated in the coming weeks as the largest and most complex college, the College of Medicine, progresses through Job Analysis.

AL-KODMANY NOTED, “This year UPPAC had a very productive discussion around the Job Analysis process at UIC in comparison to the Job Analysis and audit results in Urbana and Springfield. One notable take-away from the meeting is learning that the University’s Board of Trustees and President are actively engaged in addressing the profound impact the audit and conversion process is having on the campuses and employees. If action is to be taken regarding a resolution of the audit findings and pending conversions in Urbana, the question remains, ‘will there be retroactive redress of conversions in Chicago based upon the actions taken in Urbana?’”

MOSS COMMENTED, “Job Analysis was the center of attention and UIC’s experience was the primary focus. It was interesting to hear the varying perspective of the other campus leaders. Our concerns related to unintended consequences for our APs and even APs with faculty titles fell on sympathetic ears. APAC will continue to take what action we can to see that these concerns are thoughtfully communicated to the administration.”

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