April 24, 2013

Campus Policy for Primary Source Verification to Go Into Effect

UIC HUMAN Resources Policy #325, Primary Source Verification (PSV) for Professional Licensure, will go into effect Wednesday, May 1.

PRIMARY SOURCE Verification of licensure requires that proper documentation be submitted during the onboarding process for new employees or whenever a change in work status occurs. The Joint Commission (TJC; formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations/JCAHO) and Illinois laws require licensure of care practitioners holding specified job titles or engaged in job duties related to patient care.

PATIENT CARE, research, and informal rotation to clinical practice areas occur frequently as part of the academic and professional mission of the University. Therefore, consistency in compliance cannot be limited to the hospital alone. Compliance must be met by all health science colleges, the Hospital and Health Sciences System, the College of Social Work, and the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

PROPER DOCUMENTATION of PSV is essential to maintaining compliance with The Joint Commission and all Illinois regulations. Failure to appropriately verify licenses with the primary source prior to hire date, start date of change in job duties, or license renewal jeopardizes UIC’s accreditation. Additionally, failure to comply threatens reimbursement for patient care from Medicaid and Medicare. 

UPON REQUEST, in-person compliance facilitation may be made available. To schedule a facilitated department session, contact Marilyn Lablaiks, Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Compliance at (312) 996-1232 or lablaiks@uic.edu. You may also contact Lablaiks with any questions you may have on the policy.

FOR ADDITIONAL information regarding relevant UIC Human Resources policies, titles and positions requiring PSV, or to see a tutorial of the onboarding process, see one the following:

*A copy of UIC HR Policy #325 will be available on the UIC Human Resources website:

*Titles and position classes requiring Primary Source Verification are available at the following link: http://www.uic.edu/depts/hr/quicklinks/LicensePCLASS.pdf;

*An onboarding process tutorial is available at the following link:

*For further information, including primary source website links, see the compliance section of the UIC Human Resources website:

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